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Since we launched our Crunch² rewards scheme in January we’ve taken on board hundreds of referrals, and paid out thousands of pounds in Amazon vouchers. Some of our most active referrers are reaping the benefits, too.


This frenzy of Amazon vouchers, and a flurry of triumphant tweets from happy referrers and referees, has sparked an interesting office debate at Crunch Towers – what would you buy from Amazon if you had £25 to spend. Here are some of the team’s recommendations:

Jo, Payroll Manager – “Check these out – I’ve got a set and they’re LOUD and funky looking. Also transportable and take batteries if travelling as fold up into ball.”

For all your portable speaker needs

Angelo, Partnership Manager – “Never suffer the embarrassment of having a less than perfectly symmetrical goatee again.”

To keep your goatee aligned

Andy, Sales Manager – “Channel your inner Grace Jones – a great way to stay fit in Autumn and Winter!”

To get fit, 80′s style

Manny, Advisor Team Leader - “Basically this is one of the best albums ever made.  It is a clear distillation of the early electronic forms of music into the soundest, most blissful example of the what is possible in the intersection of technology and sound.”

Sweet ear candy

Ida, Designer - “I’d get this for my dog for obvious reasons.”

You ain’t nothing but a hound dog

Evidently, the possibilities are endless no matter what your interests. We love rewarding people for spreading the word about Crunch, and today we’re making it even easier with the introduction of Crunch² Badges. Embed one of these bad boys on your website or blog and if someone clicks through and signs up, an Amazon voucher will be winging its way to you very soon!

Visit this page to get started with a Crunch² Badge, and happy referring!

Photo by Jack Everett

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