Safe Collections

Debt Recovery & Credit Collection

If you have a client that won’t pay, who can you turn to for help? Luckily we have the answer…

The phrase “Debt Collection” conjures up images of large bald men in overcoats, carrying clipboards and banging on doors. But this image couldn’t be further from the truth. Many businesses make use of specialist debt recovery agencies to help them collect unpaid invoices from reluctant or delinquent clients.

At Crunch we recommend Safe Collections, a family owned B2B Debt Collection Company based in the heart of Lancashire. Established in 1984, the friendly and knowledgeable team have extensive experience in helping freelancers’ of every stripe recover unpaid invoices and collect on overdue debt.

Safe Collections work on a strict “no collection, no commission” basis meaning you only pay if they recover your money. Plus unlike some other agencies they do not ask you to sign a contract or pay any money in advance.

Dealing with a non paying client can be stressful and time consuming. Time spent on chasing for payment often has a direct impact on your monthly earnings and it reduces the time available to service existing clients and secure that all important new business.

When you instruct Safe Collections they will save you time, money and headaches by contacting your client direct. Their professional and persistent approach won’t alienate your client, but it will collect the money you are owed.

When you have a client that is reluctant to pay on time, save yourself the trouble and ask Safe Collections to help. With recovery rates starting from as little as 5% and a “no win, no fee” guarantee you will be glad you did.

What our customers say

Working as a freelancer has been a very rewarding career move for me, both personally and professionally. There are occasions though that do undermine this good feeling, namely not being paid by clients in a timely fashion. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve only had a couple of occasions since going full-time as a freelancer that I’ve had difficulty in getting a client to pay. After trying every approach I could think of, emails, phone calls and letters etc I really thought there was nowhere else to turn.
Fortunately though, this story does have a happy ending. Having explained my situation to the friendly folks at Safe Collections, I was immediately put at ease by their helpful advice and their diligence at chasing down non-paying clients. Their professionalism is matched by their polite and efficient way they deal with clients and you’re always kept in the loop with exactly where they are in the payment process.
Most freelancers would probably agree that you just want to get on with the job at hand, doing great work for clients without having to have the stress of chasing clients for payment. Safe Collections really have provided a superb service for me and with this in mind, I really can’t recommend them highly enough.

Stu Preece – Creative Director, Digital Cavalier Ltd

When I started freelancing I was naïve enough to think that if the work was good payment would follow. Two terrible clients cured that notion. After a month of empty platitudes and broken promises I didn’t know what to do next.
Thankfully a friend recommended Safe Collections and I’m very glad I got in touch with them. They explained how they could help and because they work with many contractors, they were able to grasp the technical nature of my work.
Within 24 hours terrible client No.1 had paid my outstanding invoice in full. Terrible client No.2 took longer, but the team at Safe kept up the pressure. They guided and supported me through the process and handled a belligerent client admirably. The whole team at Safe Collections have both my sincere thanks and highest recommendation.

Aron Birch – Managing Director, Lowers Consultancy Ltd