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EU & UK Data Ltd is an on-line business information provider specialising in UK company credit reports, director reports and other UK and International financial information. is recognised as the UK’s longest established credit reporting websites. Whilst we like and use technology to enhance our service, we do not hide behind it. Phones and emails are answered by real people dedicated to making your use of an easy and cost effective one.

Our goal is to deliver accurate, fast and relevant information for businesses to assist in, and be part of, your financial decision making. We want to simplify the process of information delivery and data analysis. Companies and individuals alike, use this information to minimise risk when placing contracts and buying goods and services.

The reports are information rich and provide important commercial data allowing our users to make informed decisions about suppliers, customers and competitors. This information is also useful for sales, marketing and HR functions, for gaining competitive insight, financial verification, and can be incorporated into many business processes to demonstrate due diligence.

What our customers say

It’s really excellent. Very fast and informative. I think it is better than any of the alternative service
providers that I’ve used

Jeremy Heal, Howes Percival LLP

Very quick delivery and easy to use. Thank you for an excellent service

Liz Biddle, Philip James Partnership Ltd

We have recently started to use international company reports from in our research,
and giving our consultants easy access to this key financial information has proved invaluable.

Chris Humpherson, Sales Analysis

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