Can I use Crunch?

Is Crunch right for me?

Crunch is tailored specifically for freelancers, contractors and small businesses operating their own limited companies.

We are the perfect solution for the majority of businesses – however there are certain conditions your business must fulfil in order to correctly use our software. If you are unsure, get in touch with our team of Advisors. If we’re not a perfect fit, we’ll happily recommend a partner firm that can better take care of your business.

Directors & staff

  • Directors who are not UK citizens must live in the UK
  • Directors living outside the UK must be UK citizens and already have:
    • Their own limited company
    • A UK business address
    • A UK business bank account
  • The company must employ no more than ten staff (including directors). If you should grow too large for Crunch after signing up, we can arrange hand-over to a partner firm.

Shares & shareholders

  • No more than four shareholders
  • All shareholders must be individuals, not a company or other organisation
  • All shares must be “Ordinary” or “Other” shares – Crunch does not support multiple share classes


  • Taxable profits must be less than £300,000 per year
  • Standard or flat rate VAT schemes only
  • Quarterly VAT Returns only

Unsupported businesses

  • Retail (high-street shops, online stores etc.)
  • Investors and investment companies
  • Contractors on the CIS scheme

Just a few of our savvy clients

The Crunch set up and service are brilliant, all of you have been brilliant, I recommend you to everyone.

Yaroub – Y. A-H Ltd

This whole process has been so painless – I’m impressed!

Tamsin Allen – Creative & Art Direction Ltd

I’m impressed with Crunch. The site is built well and I’ve always had quick and helpful answers from yourself and your colleagues when I’ve needed it.Thanks again.

Mike Jackson – Mumo Data Limited

Brilliant, so simple, that’s why I need you! All done now.

Annemarie Beijl – MKMU Ltd