Switching to Crunch

Switching your accountant is easy

When you decide to move your accounts to Crunch, our team will support you every step of the way. Once you give us the thumbs-up, your account manager will assist you with your move over to Crunch.

Moving from a traditional accountant

If you’re coming on board from a traditional high street or contractor accountant, your account manager will first send a professional clearance letter, informing your old accountant that we are taking over responsibility for your accounts.

Once we receive your accounting data from your previous accountant (note: this can take some time depending on their size and setup) our online accounting software must be updated to include all transactions from your current trading year. If you have recently started a new financial year this can be as simple as inputting your opening balances. For more complicated switches we offer a migration service.

Note: If you have accounts from previous trading years which are not yet finalised, your Crunch account will not be a true reflection of your financial status until this information is entered.

Moving from an umbrella company

If you currently use an umbrella company, switching to Crunch should prove a breath of fresh air. Your account manager will first form your limited company, set up your PAYE scheme and put you in touch with our banking partner for a free business bank account.

Once your company has been formed (which can take as little as one hour) and your business bank account is open, your Crunch account is ready to go!

Moving from sole trader, DIY bookkeeping or starting a new business

If you are just starting out, your account manager is ready and waiting to support you and your new business, and answer any questions you may have – no matter how big or small.

Your account manager will walk you through the process of company formation, and register your company with HMRC and Companies House. They will get you started with the Crunch software, and oversee your accounting to make sure you understand how to run your own limited company.

We offer a series of webinars for the fledgling company director, and our support centre is jam packed with useful advice.

Just a few of our savvy clients

Always blown away by the service and features of @teamcrunch – if they continue to improve at this rate, my accounts will do themselves

Robert Morrissey – Deeply Ltd

Brilliant, thanks Kevin. Helpful as always!

Nic Pillinger – Lean Software Factory

By the way, I absolutely love Crunch and it is making my life so much easier. I’d like to have statues of your usability people cast in bronze.

Catherine Pope – Victorian Secrets Ltd

First of all accounting made simple, now tracking mileage with Mile Cruncher. What will @TeamCrunch think of next!

Mark Ebden – Digital Integration