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Our small business accounting software is perfect for freelancers, contractors and other small businesses; whatever your situation, we can help you tame your business accounts.

If you’re just getting started in business, we can hold your hand along the way. Our accountancy service has everything you need – we’ll help form your company, get you registered with HMRC and walk you through your first financial year, all the way to your first year end.

  • "My business is all cloud-based, so it only seemed natural to find an online system. Having looked at all the available cloud options Crunch seemed to be the only company to offer a complete solution, so I signed up.
    I’d hate to keep all my accounts on my laptop, which can go walkies any time. Having everything in a secure, hosted environment and being able to access it whenever I want, from anywhere, is a real bonus.
  • "I use Snap, which is a lifesaver. Expenses were the bane of my life when I was going through an Umbrella Company, but now I can buy a coffee from Starbucks, and it’s uploaded before I’ve finished drinking it!
    Honestly, everything is better with Crunch. I feel like I have a lot more autonomy with how and when I do things. I’m in no way financially-minded, but the software makes it so easy to do everything that it really doesn’t…" Read more
  • "You think these things would be fairly straightforward, but reading the Government and HMRC websites is just baffling – PAYE was a total minefield.
    I phoned up my account manager and just said ‘I want to employ people; how do I do that?’. Everything was explained in plain English and I had my payroll set up in no time.
  • "I think my favourite feature is probably everything working together. Seeing it all in one place is really convenient, especially with a company with several directors. It’s almost fun; far better than a musty old accountants’ office!
    My account manager Johnny was really helpful when I first came on board. I was part way through my financial year and he helped me figure out my VAT returns and Year End filings.
  • "I’ve always found email to be best way to speak to my account manager. I don’t have to think about time zones. I’ve sent emails from Australia, Italy, the USA, and of course when I’ve actually been in London – the responses are always prompt and helpful. My account manager has always been a lot of fun. The great tax advice is the biggest reason I recommend the service. Oh, and I once won a Crunch coffee mug on…" Read more
  • Decoded, Coding School
    "The world has gone digital and the building blocks of digital are code. It is designed for people with an involvement in or passion for the digital world but with zero knowledge of the code that underpins that world.

    Crunch is a great example of the web being put to an interesting use and solving a problem. We evangelise the web every day through our work at Decoded so it seemed like a natural fit. How many other accountancy firms…" Read more
  • Siân Fever, Freelance Video Editor
    "Previously I've logged my own receipts and then pretty much thrown everything else at my accountant, so putting all sales and expenses into the Crunch system has been more work than I admittedly expected, but I have a feeling that is more to do with the aforementioned shoe boxes and my learning the system (by watching really well thought out, and easy to watch webinars) as I was carving my way through the gargantuan task of making sense of six months…" Read more
  • Sheetal Mehta, Social Entrepreneur
    "Crunch is an excellent platform for small businesses who to stay on top of accounts, keep things simple and avoid worrying about accounts and taxes when they should be concentrating on their businesses. My account manager is excellent and always ready to speak at my convenience should I have any concerns. With my international travel, I am not always able to speak with them on the phone but there has been no need as they are responsive via email. I appreciate…" Read more
  • Nicholas Jenkins-Smith, Art Director
    "Crunch really have streamlined the monetary aspect of my business. From the word go, their financial advisors and accountants have always been helpful, professional and have demystified many areas of accounting for me. Every process is as simple and efficient as possible and the scalability in the service offering is tailored to your particular business needs at any given time.

    I always talk about Crunch to people in my network and generally anybody that will listen. There is no doubt…" Read more
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