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Are you a recruiter?

Please read the following

We’re growing all the time, so we’re always on the look out for the best talent to join Crunch. In fact, we’re expanding so fast we’ve got an internal team that’s dedicated to recruitment. This team will source potential employees, get in touch to arrange interviews, and contact candidates afterwards.

We don’t do all the heavy lifting, though. From time to time we work with pre-selected agencies to help us recruit those hard to fill roles. This does mean, however, that we are not interested in working with agencies unless we contact you. It’s nothing personal, it’s just how we do things.

Please don’t call us unsolicited, the answer will always be no.

We look for the best

If we need a new agency, we’ll come looking for the best ones that are relevant to the roles we’re recruiting.

Our clients are our priority

Please don’t repeatedly call us trying to pitch your agency’s services. It stops us answering our most important calls – those from our clients.

Everything's on our website

All of our roles are posted on our careers page, we’re not hiding others that need your help.

Want to become an affiliate?

You can make extra revenue with Crunch

Do you run a recruitment agency that deals with freelancers, contractors and consultants? If so, you can make extra revenue by joining the Crunch Affiliate network.

If you have candidates who need help with their accounting, please email to discuss how we can work together.