On the day Theresa May officially became the UK’s new Prime Minister, Micro-Business Ambassador Jason Kitcat visited Westminster to ¬†speak to MPs on a range of pressing topics.


Interview with Peter Kyle (Labour)


Interview with Roger Mullin (SNP)


Interview with Caroline Lucas MP (Green)

What’s going on with the finance bill?

This bill includes measures to increase dividend taxes, a change which will hit lower earning micro-business owners hard. Chorus are campaigning to change these plans and support an opposition amendment to the bill.  Find out more about these planned changes.


Why micro-businesses need to work together

There are more micro-businesses than any other size of business and the second largest employment sector, employing 8.4 million people in the UK. Yet too often policy-making ignores our community, by working together through Chorus we can make a difference.


What’s going on with British politics?

Society has changed rapidly and political parties have struggled to keep up, but we can all make a difference by getting more active.

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