The new coalition government has wasted no time in making all the right noises regarding the stress inducing IR35 ‘disguised employment’ legislation. Through a combination of squawks, growls and shrill cries they’ve promised to “review IR35, as part of a wholesale review of all small business taxation, and seek to replace it with simpler measures…”

It’s almost enough to have us dancing in the streets, but as yet there has been no timetable drawn up as to when this may happen. Nonetheless, both the Tories and the Lib Dems have consistently questioned the manner in which IR35 places an undue burden on freelancers, and it’s probably fair to expect that where they agree, they will act.

The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) is a trade body that was established in response to the introduction of IR35, and they have been suitably heartened by the news.

Chairman Chris Bryce said: “We applaud today’s decision and we will continue to work closely with the Coalition Government to ensure freelance workers are treated with fairness.

“Freelancing is a growing and valuable part of the UK economy. We are delighted that at last we have a Government that appreciates this.”

The PCG is party apolitical.