If you passionately rail against IR35 and want to see the complex legislation repealed for the sakes of all legitimate contractors in the UK, then you might want to have your say on a government website.

On July 9, the Government gave the public an opportunity to offer their money-saving tips which could end up as part of the coalition’s Spending Review published in October. But only the most popular posts will get their attention!

Several people have suggested repealing IR35 on the grounds that it’s a waste of money. For HMRC, IR35 has been largely ineffective in terms of the money it’s actually brought in compared to the money spent trying to enforce it.

You can visit the Spending Challenge website here and vote on the various posts which have called for the end of IR35. It’s too late to forward your own ideas, but voting is open until the end of August.

To recap: the objective of IR35 was to stop a PAYE employee from becoming a contractor merely to take advantage of the tax benefits it offered. Technically, they could become an independent contractor, but in reality remain an employee in everything but name.

The problem with IR35 is that it’s caused a lot of worry for legitimate contractors. Is it time to shout it down?