Small business owners who operate via a limited company are likely to become a target of the Treasury’s initiative to recoup unpaid taxes with a £900m war chest.

The feeling is that while big companies will have the relevant insurance and legal representation to fight any disputes, SME’s will put up less resistance. As a result, they may be seen as easy prey by HMRC.

However, if you’ve got your business accounts in the right hands, it really needn’t be an undue concern. Here’s why…

How Crunch ensures you don’t fall foul of HMRC

The main pitfalls which face the small business community are IR35, late-filed or incorrect accounts and the deliberate concealing of tax liabilities. And the exposure of dodgy offshore accounting schemes.

We can solve all these problems:

* Our team of expert accountants is led by ex-HMRC and IR35 tax specialist Steve Crouch. This means that if any of our customers are concerned about their employment status they will get the very best IR35 assistance.

* Our online system where you input all your invoices, expenses and monitor the health of your business will ensure that all deadlines are met. This is achieved via dashboard alerts and the help of your friendly account manager who checks to make sure everything is running smoothly.

* The ‘Pay Yourself’ feature means that you can pay yourself in dividends without ever taking out too much which could cause you to fall foul of the taxman.

* As for offshore accounts? Well we’re not one!

How to insure yourself in the event of a tax investigation

If you have real concerns that you’re guilty of some accounting misdemeanour’s or are worried about the propect of being investigated by HMRC, then PCG are the people to turn to. They are the Professional Contractors Group who can insure freelancers and contractors in the event that they are hauled before the courts. And that’s not all they do.

Check out their website to see which products and services are relevant to your needs.

As a result of our expertise in tackling IR35, Crunch has been accredited by the PCG.

Final thought

Some small businesses get into a mess with their limited company accounts because their accountant makes it that way. Without an easy to use online accounting software – where you can easily input the relevant data – and on-tap advice and assistance, things can get extremely complicated. Which is when mistakes happen, and not necessarily by you.

But, this doesn’t have to be the case. Limited company accounts can be really easy to run, not a headache-inducing , time-consuming nightmare.

And you really should have nothing to worry about from the taxman.