If you didn’t already know, today is National Freelancers Day!  The annual event is organised by the PCG and supported by, Crunch.co.uk, Freelancer Advisor, and many others.

The Prime Minister has shown his gratitude to the UK’s 1.4million freelancers by way of a letter, and the PCG have released the results of a poll they conducted to take the temperature of the UK’s freelancing sector.  You can read about the results in detail here, however the takeaway message is that freelancers are more independent and happier than the average 9-to-5 worker.

The PCG is hosting a lecture tonight at Stationers Hall in London, featuring talks from some industry luminaries, all hosted by broadcaster and long-time freelancer Sue Lawley.  Our own Darren Fell will be in attendance, so feel free to attempt a high-five should you see him.

To celebrate the day we’re giving back to freelancers in our own small way.  For the rest of the month we will be waiving all set-up and Limited company formation fees for new customers and instead donating the money to Children In Need!

What does this mean?  It means if you’re looking to migrate from your old accountant, we’ll now do it completely for free, and give £25 to Pudsey!  If you sign up with us and decide to form a Limited Company, we’ll donate £60!

So freelancers get a national day of recognition, you get an awesome new accountant, and Children In Need get a big novelty cheque at the end of the month!  Everyone’s a winner!