It’s fair to say that National Freelancers Day was a huge success this year with various events being held to mark the occasion. It even attracted the attention of Prime Minister David Cameron who praised the contribution freelancers make to the UK economy.

However, it’s not just the Prime Minister’s words which signify how recognition of freelancers has gone mainstream this year…

Cameron sings freelancers praises!

In a letter to the Professional Contractors Group (PCG), David Cameron had the following to say:

“I can’t tell you how much admiration I have for people who leave the comfort of a regular wage to strike out on their own. It takes a lot of courage –and without that courage this country would be a much poorer place.

He continued: “The 1.4 million freelancers in our country make a massive contribution to our economy. More and more people are choosing freelancing, recognising that it strikes the right balance between work and life in the 21st century, and as we go for economic growth this Government is getting right behind them.”

Read all about it! Telegraph gets behind flexi-workers

National Freelancers Day took place on Tuesday (23rd November) and culminated in The Freelance Lecture where speakers included futurologist Dr James Bellini and Telegraph Business Editor Damian Reece. Reece was full of praise for freelancers and said that everyone should be supporting them and not regarding them as an inconvenience – as he suggests the previous Labour government did.

Although a Telegraph journalist criticising Labour should be expected, he does have a valid point. And Cameron is making all the sounds you would expect of a party traditionally regarded as ‘pro business’.

Survey says: Freelancing is the way to go!

A survey commissioned by PCG found that businesses overwhelmingly support the freelancing community. The key findings reveal:

* 60% of business leaders confess that it would be difficult for their business to operate without freelancers.

* 55% of business leaders said freelancers were essential to growing the UK economy.

* 64% of businesses said that the traditional ‘9-5 day’ was old fashioned and didn’t apply to those working for them.

* 73% of businesses envisage opportunities for freelancers to increase or remain the same within their organisation.

* 73% of freelancers polled said they had actively chosen to become flexi-workers as a long-term option.

Here at Crunch online accounting, we sponsored a freelance mastermind session in the run-up to National Freelancers Day which was a huge success in itself.