In a previous article, sleeping your way to success, I talked about the importance of a good nights sleep for freelancers and contractors, and the most effective way to achieve that. One important aspect I neglected to mention was the importance of a good bed.

Here is my round up of the the most ergonomic beds currently on the market. From toppers to top-of-the range, if you’re looking for a better bed start right here.

The Posturite Memory 2000 Topper

This clever bed promises to give ‘nocturnal relief to your aching back, joints and muscles.’

It works by responding to the body’s temperature and weight thereby giving you a custom moulded sleeping experience.

Best for: The contractor who wants optimum comfort without an extortionate price.

Price: Single £135 Double £155

More info: Posturite

The Severn

What’s not to like about The Severn? This adjustable bed has a memory foam mattress, with the option of soft, medium or firm depending on your preference. It also has an inbuilt massage system and best of all… it is fitted with a remote controlled flat screen television that can folded away in the foot board.

Best for: The stressed out freelancer who who needs help to unwind in the evening. If the combination of a feel-good film and massage can’t help, what can?

Price: Unknown

More info: Regency’s Miracle Beds


Jensen Supreme Dynamique Adjustable Bed

The Jensen’s have a belief that ‘even the best can be made better’ and so they’ve sought to prove that fact with this bed which allows you to remotely operate the head and foot end. A climate control system means that heat can be extracted from the mattress. It also has a function which allows you to set a ‘massage alarm.’ It sure beats Wake Up Boo blaring out first thing.

Best for: The accident prone freelancer (Infrared sensors make it impossible to get trapped in the mechanism).

Price: £6899

More info:




The Napshell was apparently developed as a result of extensive studies into the human body. The findings enabled the creators to design a mattress suited to any body type. The shell itself has been created to provide the best possible visual and acoustic effects for relaxation purposes (it has lovely lights and speakers). The Napshell has been developed specifically for power-napping.

Best for: The contractor who currently sleeps on a mattress of money.

Price: A lot

More info: Napshell



Feel Seating System Deluxe

This may not be a bed in the traditional sense, after all it consists of 120 interconnected soft balls, but I’m sure you could fall asleep on it. The theory is that these balls can adapt to your emotional state. If you’re angry, it will calm you; if you’re sad, it will comfort you; if you’re happy, it will let you thrive in a joyous state.

Best for: The freelancer who’s a bit kar-ray-zeee.

Price: $4,200

More info:


Squaring Bed

This Italian-designed Japanese-style bed features two low cushioned benches for sitting, lounging or placing your laptop. There are no boasts of ergonomic performance, just a general message of ‘don’t I look stylish.’ Which it certainly does.

Best for: Freelancers who like to work from bed.

Price: $12,000

More info: Bonaldo


Magnetic Floating Bed


This is as it appears. A bed that floats in the air thanks to the power of magnets. The four corners of the bed can be chained to the wall just in case a gust of wind comes through the window and blows you and the bed around the room, smashing you into the walls and furniture.


Best for: Freelancers with megalomaniac pretensions.

Price: $1.53m

More info: Universe Architecture


Private Cloud (Rocking Bed)

This bed rocks. Literally. This is a great bed for anyone who doesn’t suffer from motion sickness, gently rocking you to sleep after a tough day at the office.

Best for: The veteran contractor who wants to complement their rocking chair.

Price: A mystery.

More info: Manuel Kloker