Well, Chancellor George Osbourne has delivered his dreaded Spending Review with the aim of hacking away at the UK’s debt. £81bn of cuts over the next four to five years sure is a lot. And it’s not great news for the public sector!

But what does it all mean to the nation’s freelancers and contractors? The flexi-workers trade body, PCG, has given their immediate reaction and it seems they are cautiously optimistic.

PCG believes that freelancers can play a key role in helping Britain’s economic recovery by providing value for money to both the public and private sector.

PCG Managing Director John Brazier believes that flexible workers are better prepared than most to weather the storm.

He says: “Despite these economically challenging times having this flexible and skilled workforce available will allow the public sector to call on a range of skills and resources when and where they need them.

“Freelancer flexibility on tap must be beneficial to all concerned. It can help local and central government control costs while providing the best service possible,” he adds.

PCG, the voice of freelancing, is the independent association that represents, supports and promotes the freelance community in the UK.

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