Two shrewd investors are confident they’ve put their money on the right accountancy horse after they backed the fiery steed that is Crunch!

Michael van Swaaij is the former chairman of Skype, and Paul Birch co-founded Bebo, and both have invested in Crunch in the belief that the world of accountancy is ready for change. And change is exactly what Crunch offers as the UK’s first all-in-one online accounting system and accounting practice dedicated to freelancers and contractors.

Van Swaaij has chosen Crunch as one of the forward thinking new projects he’ll focus on. He said: “The accounting industry is ripe for some disruption in order to make it more efficient, lower cost and less time consuming for freelancers.”

“Freelancing is booming and here to stay as a form of employment, giving millions of people access to work and income otherwise out of their reaches.” Van Swaaij continued: “I’ve been privileged to be involved with eBay and Skype, and like them Crunch not only aims to reshape an industry but will genuinely help freelancers and micro companies be more productive – thereby supporting an increasingly important part of our economy.”