Crunch founder Darren Fell features in a thoroughly informative article in Business First magazine. It explores in-depth the issues surrounding the burgeoning freelance community – and what the future holds for the UK and world economy. It seems the rise of the freelancer is here for the long-term…

For many, going freelance has been a choice, for others a necessity. During these tough economic times companies have been shedding staff in order to stay alive or collapsing completely leaving many workers joining an ever-lengthening dole queue.

This is one of the reasons Crunch online accounting came into existence: to help freelancers, contractors and small business owners realise their business dreams. The truth is many people like the security and simplicity which comes from being an employee and fear that running a business will be a horribly complicated and time-consuming way of making a living.

Crunch says it doesn’t have to be that way. Give our demo account a try or call one of our advisors if you’re not convinced!