Steve Hearsum is a Change Consultant. He is the director of management consultancy Deboxing Ltd, where his work has included a review of the finance function of a publicly funded UK television company. He is also the co-founder of the Fit Forum, which specialises in how people fit into their workplace.

Steve says: “I work on anything that involves change. My projects usually look at the impact of change when the structure of an organisation has altered, basically it could be anything that changes peoples relations with one another.”


Steve’s previous accountant was perfectly able but he discovered Crunch and felt it would be able to reduce the amount of time he spent doing his accounts and allay some of his accountancy worries. He decided to become Crunch’s first ever client!


Steve decided that if he didn’t seen any financial benefits within a year, he would return to his previous accountant. Almost immediately they helped him save money. “When I registered I was on the standard VAT rate when it makes more sense to be on a flat rate,” He said: “They advised me to go on the flat rate and I have since saved £1500.”

The Crunch system has also helped simplify Steve’s accounting: “It centralises all my finances in one place, it pulls everything together in a really simple way. They’ve offered a holistic solution to all my requirements.” He said: “They’ve made sense of what can be a quite confusing mess of accounting and finance requirements such as VAT and tax issues.

The simple nature of the Crunch system has helped him save time on processing tax returns and has also taken away some of the worries of accounting: “Previously it would half a day or a day’s worth of putting things in order before seeing my accountant – and now it takes half the time. But mainly it’s the not worrying about things. I don’t worry about accounting. Things are not all over the place.”

As the first client for Crunch, Steve assumed there would be a few issues that would naturally come with the infancy of a new company but he was immediately impressed: “The way that they responded to any issues I had was really telling, they were always very professional about things and there was never any attempt to fib me off.”

Steve is very happy with the service Crunch has offered and likes the way it continues to develop.

One of his governing philosophies sprung from a personal quest to find the perfect coffee – something that he found difficult. He searched for the perfect blend of bean, grinder, milk and steam, and the best way to combine them. He discovered that the interconnectedness of ingredients and process was the key.

He said: “It’s like the quest for the perfect coffee – tons of companies try to do it but not many do it well.”