Gary Canavan


Gary Canavan has been working as an IT consultant for the last five years specialising in EPOS – electronic point of sale technology. He works through his own company GC IT Ltd.


Since the very beginning, Gary had been observing Crunch from afar. He recognised the potential in the service but had been reluctant to sign-up because he felt the system was more suited to less experienced freelancers. In the meantime, he continued to use the accounting software QuickBooks. But then he discovered that Crunch was adding new features he couldn’t afford to do without…


Gary decided to sign up with Crunch in October 2009 after being impressed by the new Pay Yourself feature: “The Pay Yourself module makes Crunch a more powerful tool. It’s more tax efficient to pay yourself in dividends – and it makes life much easier,” He said.

Gary also discovered that filing VAT returns was far easier with Crunch: “VAT returns had been a very awkward process for me in the past, but with Crunch it was much simpler – in fact it took me just 10 minutes to do it.”

As an experienced contractor, Gary was pleased with the way in which Crunch offered an instantaneous service. He said: “You can do and see things immediately. It tells you your Corporation Tax Liability in real-time which is a very powerful tool.”

As well as being impressed with the technology, he was also pleased with the customer service: “Every time I ring Crunch, within minutes someone will immediately ring me back. You get information in real-time – from both the accountants and the actual software. It’s not just a web-based interface.”

He continued: “I like the fact that you get a personal account manager because it means you’ve got someone on the end of a line who knows who you are, understands your company and knows exactly what your situation is. It’s a nice human touch.”