Mohammed Khan


Mohammed Khan is a gas engineer who works through his own limited company, Khanee Homes. He has worked with high-profile clients including: IKEA, the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Ministry of Defence.


Mohammed was working through a traditional accountant charging him at a high rate – a rate he wanted reduced. Meanwhile, the complexities of accounting were giving him a headache. He needed an accountancy service that would simplify his accounting, save him money, and alleviate his aching head – preferably without the use of painkillers.


Whilst quoting for jobs on Mohammed came cross Crunch. Mybuilder is the website which offers an easy way for homeowners to find the right builders – they take customer service very seriously and were delighted to recommend Crunch to their tradesmen (they spent 6 months looking for the best accountancy service to promote to their tradesmen). Mohammed checked out Crunch and got in touch.

“When I went limited I found it difficult to find the right accountant,” Mohammed said: “It’s quite a daunting task to remain on the right side of the law. And it’s quite daunting trying to find the right accountant. You don’t know what accounting is – it’s like a mysterious art.”

Mohammed discovered that Crunch was anything but intimidating: “Crunch has a very friendly atmosphere and it’s such a nice service. I’m very new to accountancy software but I could understand how the Crunch system worked. It’s very simple and straightforward.”

Since being signed up with Crunch, Mohammed has reduced his stress levels and spends less time on accounting:
“The biggest thing is that I don’t have a headache any more. I used to get headaches because I had people asking me questions about accounting and telling me to talk to my accountant etc, and it was quite stressful. But now I can simply send people to Crunch and they deal with everything. This means I get more time to spend with my family which is great.”

Mohammed has also saved money through switching to Crunch, something he was quick to tell his former accountant: “I told my old accountant to look at the Crunch website to see how much they charge.”

He added: “Crunch offers an excellent service – that’s the only way to describe it. It is the best thing that’s happened to me in life!”