In a recent exchange on an online forum, Crunch found itself the centre of attention as rival accountants discussed our services pros and cons. One of the head honcho’s of SJD Accountancy had the following to say:

“There are many on line bookkeeping packages available such as Crunch and FreeAgent, but to my mind I can’t see why you would pay an on going monthly fee for the software when you can pop down to WHSmiths and buy Sage Instant accounts for £89, or indeed use our spreadsheet for nothing!”

Hmm. Someone seems to be missing the point. Surely the boss of a large accountancy firm would be aware of what his rivals are offering? Does he really believe that Crunch is just a bookkeeping system?

Crunch is, of course, an online accounting system fully backed up by expert chartered accountants. It really is a complete service – and all for under £60 a month and with no hidden extras. Meanwhile, SJD offers a monthly service for £95 per month. It doesn’t take an accountant to do the maths…

See the debate here.