Here at Crunch we’re well aware that we’ve shaken up the traditional world of accountancy. We’ve had rival accountants trying to poach our customers and bean counters attacking us on forums. Since we’ve entered the marketplace, the grey world of accountancy has suddenly become full of colour.

Now, an article featured on discusses the battle between those services which embrace cutting-edge online technology, and the more old-fashioned accountancy practices. Here’s how they see the situation:

“Online contractor accountancy has attracted some harsh criticism since the first services started hitting the marketplace last year, but rarely from customers. It’s been service providers who clearly don’t understand either their contractor marketplace and what it wants, nor what benefits a truly integrated online service has to offer.”

And Crunch is STILL the only online service for freelancers and contractors which is backed up by fully chartered accountants.

The article concludes:

“As online contractor accountants start to look more attractive, but existing service providers keep poo-poohing them, perhaps we should all apply the lessons of history. Beware of people who don’t, won’t or can’t sell you a machine gun. They’ll try anything to get you to buy a bow and arrow.”

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