Andrew Smith is a BAFTA winning game designer (an award picked up for the game Flock! Released on Xbox Live, PSN and PC). He has just switched to contracting, and his first contracts are with Crunch & Proper Games Ltd – the PG game is cloaked in secrecy, but is expected to be a big release, and a big coup for both Proper Games and Andrew himself.

Aside from this project he is looking to fund and develop his own free online games from the ideas stage all the way through to end product.


Andrew decided it was time for a new challenge and so he decided to go freelance.

He said: “At 27 years-old I felt the next step in my career should be the big one. I feel that going freelance is a way of growing projects faster, and the opportunities are there with the digital market being a lot less expensive than it used to be. It can take as little as a couple of grand to get a project off the ground – five years ago that would not have been possible.”

Andrew needed an accountancy service that would enable him to start up his own limited company and provide a solution to all his accounting needs.


“I found out about Crunch when looking around for an accountancy service. The way it’s presented and styled makes it a less scary prospect compared to some others.” He said, “And the idea that you have the support of accountants on the end of a phone was also very appealing.”

“One of the main things that attracted me was the monthly price set-up. It’s a very flexible way of doing things which I like because you’re always wary of extra charges and hidden extras. This way, if there are any problems, I’m not tied down for a long period,” He continued.

With Crunch looking after all his accounting needs, Andrew’s been able to get on with what he does best.

“There’s a big market at the moment for free online gaming content which gives you the option of purchasing items or added extras from within the gaming environment. This is what’s called freemium content and it’s all about offering a free-to-access game with the hope that some people will actually buy things from within it, and it’s a particularly effective model at the moment.” He said.

So what is Andrew currently working on?

“I’m currently in the process of building a community based freemium mode of content, but I need to differentiate myself from the likes of World of Warcraft. So I’m looking to build a one universe world with different game modes so that people can come back and play the game in a different way – so they might be driving one minute then doing a puzzle the next, but all within one interrelated gaming environment.”