The computer gaming industry is really thriving right now which makes it an immense pleasure to announce that Crunch is teaming up with – the world’s most read and influential games industry website.

The deal enables us to showcase the superb Crunch service to the gaming community via their website and online forums.

“The gaming industry is arguably one of the most vibrant and creative sectors,” said Crunch founder Darren Fell, “Our fully automated and stylishly designed online service makes accounting simple and the time-saving benefits are huge – freeing games developers and others in the industry to focus on what they’re good at.”

Phil Elliot, Editor of, was suitably impressed by what he saw in Crunch: “This innovative and award-winning online service will be beneficial to our community. It’s a practical and easy to use service designed specifically with freelancers’ needs in mind.”

One such freelancer is BAFTA award-winning game designer Andrew Smith.

“Going freelance has been a lot easier than I expected, partly because Crunch made it easy… One of the main things that attracted me was the monthly price set-up – it’s a very flexible way of doing things which I like because you’re always wary of extra charges and hidden extras. This way, if there are any problems, I’m not tied down for a long period,” He said.

This year’s Budget promised an investment of £457million in the UK gaming industry, as well as tax relief, to stimulate the creation of 3,500 new jobs in the sector over the next five years. Game on.