Traditional accountants are often suspicious of new fangled online accountancy services which promise the world without charging sky high fees. But so many simple aspects of accounting can be automated, leaving contractors with lower fees and a quicker and more efficient accountancy service.

Those tedious manual back-office tasks, previously done by accountants, or office staff, can be cut out all together. And rather than signal the death knell for accountants, it should augur a golden age where online technology and fully qualified accountants work hand-in-hand to provide the best possible service for the UK’s burgeoning contractor workforce.

Crunch MD Darren Fell writes an endlessly insightful piece on where he discusses the development of online accountancy services in parallel with the evolution of the freelance workforce. It really does seem that Crunch is leading the way by offering the very best automative technology, with the full support of chartered accountants.

Read the pretty prose here.