Here at Crunch we’ve had a number of people asking about the possibility of setting up a limited company with twin directors at the helm. Naturally, we had to respond. So we put our technical bods on the case, and after much keyboard bashing, and mouse tapping, we can proudly announce that the twin director feature is now available.

But we are not going to add a new module or create a new graduated scale of costs based on activity or number of toes or something. This new service is available for the exact same price as the old one, £59.50 per month.

This means that anyone looking to share the responsibility of running their own company can now do so content in the knowledge they don’t have to pay more for the privilege and that they are getting the same great service that single director accounts receive.

If you’d like to find out more about multi-director setups you can give us a call on 0844 500 8000, sign up for a demo or request a call back.