Benjamin Ball is an expert in presentation, helping clients to present themselves in the most effective way possible. He makes people look, feel and sound good.


Benjamin felt that accounting could be made far easier for small businesses and contractors. And then he stumbled across an article about Crunch in the FT…


He got in touch with Crunch and was impressed by what he discovered.

“What Darren was doing with his business was similar to what I was doing with mine. My job is to help people with pitching, presenting and persuading and making people think more about what they do in a new way… Crunch makes people think differently about accounting. They provide a service for small businesses which is truly integrated.”

And as for usability?

“Using Crunch is very straightforward. The system has helped me become more disciplined with my accounting because I simply deal with everything that needs doing, as and when it arrives online. It lets you know exactly what needs to be done, leaving you to just do it. The great thing is, I don’t have to worry about my VAT returns or end-of-year accounts – Crunch does the worrying for me. I would recommend Crunch to anyone who wants to run their accounts more effectively.”