Gabriel is a self-employed storyboard artist who’s provided the artistry behind hit movies such as Stardust and Inkheart.


When he was working as a sole trader, Gabriel did his accounts himself, but then he got married, bought a house, and wanted the security of working as a limited company.


Gabriel found it very easy to form a limited company with Crunch and the service fitted in perfectly with his line of work.

“I do most of my business activities online so it makes sense for me to do my accounting online as well. I’d heard good things about Crunch and they haven’t disappointed. The good thing is that you’ve got actual people looking after your accounts. It’s nice to have friendly people on the end of the phone and they made it very easy to set up a limited company.”

And what else does he like about the service?

“When I have suggestions, they are interested in my feedback, and I feel that they will be addressed.”