Adam Roberts is a freelance digital designer and photographer. He describes himself as a ‘digital evangelist’ with a passion for cycling.


Adam was trying to manage his business account with the combination of Excel spreadsheets and a traditional accountant.

“I previously did my accounts through using excel spreadsheets and then getting my accountant to sort it all out. I wasn’t on top of my finances, I was just drifting along and not paying too much attention to my accounting, and then at the end of the year I’d have to sort myself out and get everything together for my accountant. It was pretty time-consuming.”


“Instead of hardly seeing my accountant, now I get continuous advice from my account manager, as and when I need it, and the online system ensures that I keep up-to-date with all my accounting The system is really intuitive and simple. I work with pictures not numbers, so for me having someone to advise me on the end of a phone is invaluable.”

“Every couple of weeks or months, new features are being added to the system. They really do listen to their customers, and respond very quickly, which is fantastic. They don’t go through a formal process of gathering feedback, they just respond very quickly to informal comments. I’ve asked questions myself and discovered that they really do act.”

And overall?

“It’s made my life a lot easier.”