Roland was previously a TV and film music producer for SonyBMG, and Senior Manager at the London Development Agency – responsible for delivering the Mayor’s vision for London. He has two children.

Then he launched ‘100% Open’ an innovation agency which mainly works with large companies, multi-nationals, and large charities in coming up with new ideas and services.

“It’s about making big companies realise they don’t have all of the answers themselves.”


Roland hadn’t run a limited company before so he needed a solution that would make his accounting simple, he wanted a service that would look after all his accountancy needs in one place.


“I was surprised by how easy it was to get my business up and running with Crunch. One of the main benefits for us is that it does everything in one place.”

“The online system is very easy to use and I like the idea that you’ve got someone on the phone to answer any queries. One of the main attractions of Crunch is that it does everything in one place.”

“The fact that it combines accounting and a bookkeeping service means that it pulls together all the different business functions. A service like Crunch should have been around years ago.”

“It’s particularly useful to be able to see your incomings and outgoings so you always know exactly where you stand as a business. Normally with accountants, you’d only get this information available to you at the end of the year. But now I feel like I’ve got more control over my finances. I feel confident that we’re up-to-date with our bookkeeping and accounts.”

“I’d recommend Crunch to all freelancers and small businesses. Our company has big ambitions to grow, and I’m confident that Crunch will be with us every step of the way.”

Roland agrees that Crunch is innovating the world of accounting!!