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Sue had found her previous experience with accountants to be time-consuming, expensive and headache-inducing. She needed an accountancy solution that would take away the hassle of accounting, and leave her more time to spend with her family.

“When you’re with a traditional accountant you know that time is money, so you’re always looking at the clock. The when you leave the accountants office you have to be sure that you’ve remembered everything they’ve just said, and fully understood it. You can’t simply phone and double-check something with them because they’ll usually be with another client. There’s no system to back you up.”


Since making the switch to Crunch, Sue has reaped the benefits…

“They’ve been great, the systems great, and the great thing is it leaves me with extra time to do other things. One of the main things is that it gives me more time to spend with my family – switching has given so much time back to me.”

“When you start to use the system you see how easy it is to track your business data and its easy to do invoices. The more you use the system, the easier it becomes. It makes doing your self-assessment and VAT returns very easy. Our quarterly’s and end-of-year accounts are done for us without even seeing an accountant.”

“They’re a very good team to work with. Crunch alleviates the headache of accounting because it’s a very easy system to use. I like the monthly payment system and the fact that you’re not bogged with paperwork; and because it’s all explained to you, you feel comfortable and reassured.”

“Crunch are taking accountancy back to basics. They make it accessible and allow you to take control of your finances. You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope that your accounting is in good hands.”