It took a lot of hard work and a huge number of tips and ideas from customers (not forgetting of course the customers staring in the video) but we are finally at the release point for the new site. The idea was simply to reflect more of what Crunch is about; simple online accounting, so the design is open and easy to navigate and the functions are straight forward and obvious, we hope you like it.

The new site is also full of as much useful information and practical advice as we could find for freelancers, contractors and small businesses. Check out the newly revamped CrunchWatch section where you can get relevant news updates, accountancy advice and enlightening blogs, as well as the opportunity to see where Crunch is or has featured in the media.

For people who want to find out more about how Crunch works, the new site has it covered. Want to know exactly what your account manager will do for you? Or how Crunch automates so many of those previously time-consuming manual tasks? The new site breaks it all down. You can easily find out what you get for your monthly fee, with no details hidden or meanings obscured by ambiguous language.

The new site has been designed so that you can get in touch more easily. So, if you’re one of the many small businesses using Crunch, simply visit the Community section. There you can easily get in touch and offer suggestions on how we can improve the simplicity of your day-to-day accounting.

Oh, and the video on the homepage mentioned earlier features just a few of our customers giving their views on the Crunch experience. If you’d like to add yours just drop us a line.

Please contact us if you have any new ideas or comments on the new site or Crunch in general, we are always open to suggestions!