Crunch is teaming up with Freelance Advisor to sponsor a special free event for freelancers and contractors.

‘Freelance Mastermind’ has been organised in the lead up to National Freelancers Day and aims to inspire people to come up with practical ideas to help them and their businesses.

It takes place in the rather swish looking Koba bar in Brighton on October 21 and should be a great chance for freelancers and micro-businesses to network, enjoy a few drinks and think creatively.

Here’s how the evening works:

* Delegates are divided into seven groups and asked to draw cards at random

* One person in each group will draw a ‘hot-seat’ card, which contains one of the challenges listed below

* Each group will work on a different challenge

* The person in the hot-seat has 45 minutes to develop a 5 minute presentation that answers the challenge

* The remaining group members help their hot-seater by making suggestions, asking questions, challenging and bringing the benefit of their experience to the table

* At the end of the evening, each of the seven hot-seaters presents his/her solution to the audience

* The presentations will be filmed and highlights will be available on from 23rd November 2010.


Event: Freelance Mastermind
October 21, 2010
Time: 6pm-9pm
Location: Koba bar, 135 Western Road
Book your free place here