The Crunch developers are an intelligent bunch. They’re the people who create the software that makes doing your accounts stupidly simple.

Often the customer will experience first hand the benefits of their handiwork – for example, by being able to easily draw up invoices and input expenses. Other times, the benefits are less obvious. Take the upcoming automation of Annual Accounts…

The tech-heads at Crunch have created a system which enables your Crunch accountant to produce year-end accounts at the click of a button. To put this into perspective, a traditional accountant would spend ages preparing a year-end document on a word programme – and probably pass on the cost of that time-sapping work to you.

Here, all your accountant will have to do is enter all the relevant details, hit a button, and the whole document will be automatically formatted into a PDF which is ready to be filed with Companies House and HMRC.

So, how will this benefit you I hear you ask?

– No need to organise anything.

– All your accounts are prepared for you – all you have to do is let us know.

– No need to leave your year-end until the last minute. It can even be done in your first month of Crunch, meaning you can pay your Corporation Tax early and be completely set for your new financial year.

It also benefits us, too – it means that our accountants will never be pressed for time due to fiddling around with Annual Accounts and can dedicate more time to serving you.

It’s just one of many ways in which Crunch automates the mundane processes of accounting in order to ensure your accounting costs remain low whilst giving you the highest possible levels of customer service.

Humans and technology have never got on so well!

The automation of annual accounts will commence from next month.