The Argus newspaper has covered how Crunch online accounting is set to expand thanks to the investment of £500,000 by two heavyweight entrepreneurs.

If Crunch IS set to expand, what will this mean for our current and prospective customers?

In some quarters the word ‘expansion’ has become a dirty word. The reason being that in certain cases an ill-thought out attempt to increase the scope of a company has led to a dip in customer service levels. Big mistake!

However, at Crunch ‘expansion’ means increasing the level of service to our customers through further simplifying the way in which freelancers, contractors and SME’s do their accounting online. Take our year-end accounts at the click of a button for instance, and then around the corner our upcoming Bank Reconciliation update which will take things to a new level – again!

And so, as we boldly go where no accountancy service has gone before, we hope small business owners will hop aboard (or beam themselves up) and join us for the ride!

As Crunch MD Darren Fell says: “This second round of investment will fuel’s growth as we get ready to scale our business up to serve thousands of freelancers, contractors and small businesses.”