Modern accountancy methods can offer contractors an accounting solution suited to their needs. Instead of being at the mercy of a traditional accountant’s busy work schedule, they can access their company finances whenever they like and talk to their accountant by picking up the phone without having to book in a time.

Industry website Contractor Calculator has explored how Crunch online accounting has revolutionised the way that small business owners do their accounts.

In an article entitled “Online accountants now offer contractors a genuine choice for professional services” they had the following to say:

“Enabling online technology can completely cut out unnecessary processes. Once a contractor has entered all their transactions online, processing end of year accounts can now be completed online in one click. Crunch accountants, for example, has invested in developing a banking-grade enterprise Java system that meets all the statutory requirements of Companies House and HMRC.”

We should also mention the human element of the Crunch service where each customer gets unlimited access to their own personal account manager and team of expert accountants.

The message is simple: don’t accept second best; the process of running your business needn’t be a hassle and there shouldn’t be any need to manually gather your invoices or spend a silly amount of time preparing spreadsheets so an accountant can take them away and do the rest. Many of the processes can be done automatically, and as it’s all online in one place your Crunch accountant can access it instantly without you doing a thing.