We’re all giddy with childlike excitement over the prospect of moving into our new purpose-built offices, as we announced last week.  Today we took a quick trip up the road to see how things are progressing – and we weren’t disappointed.

The questionable décor of the previous occupant is gone, replaced by clean white walls and Crunch colours.  The whole office area has been opened up and is looking positively cavernous – we’re going to have more space than we know what to do with.  With a bit of luck that won’t be a problem for long though – our team is filling out quickly, and we’re still looking!

We’ve encountering a couple of interesting problems – the concrete floor means no under-floor wiring, so all our networking is being stowed away in ceiling-mounted trunking to give the place an industrial-chic sort of vibe.  We’re still on track to move in during the first week of December, and looking forward to breaking in our new home with a whole slew of new clients.

Look out for more updates as we get closer to our move-in date, and of course you can follow the progress on our Twitter account.