Alessandra is a freelance Digital Art Director and Designer who has worked on online projects for hit films including Pan’s Labyrinth and Brick Lane, major videogame releases such as Heavenly Sword and Warhawk, and many other design projects across an array of genres.


Alessandra had previously been working under an umbrella company after someone recommended it as an “easy introduction to business.” But it wasn’t quite as easy as expected. Nor was it tax friendly.


“It became clear that forming a limited company would be the most tax efficient method of running my business, enabling me to keep more of the income,” said Alessandra. “I just wanted a headache free solution, which is exactly what I found in Crunch. Starting up a limited company was done in a day.”

She added: “I thought the process of invoicing, opening a company bank account and paying myself would have been difficult and time-consuming. It’s not.”

One of the major doubts that freelancers, contractors and small business owners have about running a limited company, is the perceived time-consuming and energy draining nature of maintaining one. However, if you’ve got easy-to-use specialist accounting software, and unlimited access to accountants all in one package, that should be a problem confined to the past.

“One of the reasons I chose to go limited with Crunch was to have more control over my business as sometimes there was an overlap of the different processes between the umbrella company, the client and myself – and this would lead to confusion.”

“Now I find it easier without having an umbrella company working as a mediator. The umbrella was basically doing what I do now directly – so the process is actually easier, smoother and cheaper.”

You can witness Alessandra’s spell-binding portfolio of work via this link.