We’ve had a very exciting morning here at Crunch Towers – A TV crew from Meridian came in to interview Darren about the booming freelancing market, and how Crunch is helping freelancers save money, and then our development team announced that the updated software they’ve been slaving away on has finally gone live!

The new code was added to the system in the wee hours of last night by our Chief Developer Nick and his accomplices, and is now chugging away quietly on our servers.  The updates have been several weeks in the making, with many a late night pulled by our development team to get the new code out on time.

Users of Crunch won’t notice any changes to the way our software works – these changes were to the back end of the system.  Specifically, they streamline the process of preparing year-end accounts, meaning our Accountants have more time to speak to our customers and answer your questions using their expert brains.

Of course development is still continuing, and our team have now moved straight on to the next big update – so keep your eyes peeled to see what else we’ve got up our sleeve!