When talking to our customers, one of the things that always strikes us is their relief at finding a good accountancy service. What’s also worth noting is the number of different reasons why they love Crunch.

So, here, in their words, we summarise how and why Crunch online accounting is such a perfect fit for freelancers, contractors and small businesses.

Easy-to-use online accounting software

Sue Burgess-Lock co-runs Rejuvenate, an IT support service. By using Crunch she has alleviated her accountancy worries.

“When you start to use the system you see how easy it is to track your business data and its easy to do invoices. The more you use the system, the easier it becomes. It makes doing your self-assessment and VAT returns very easy. Our quarterly’s and end-of-year accounts are done for us without even seeing an accountant.”

“They’re a very good team to work with. Crunch alleviates the headache of accounting because it’s a very easy system to use. I like the monthly payment system and the fact that you’re not bogged with paperwork; and because it’s all explained to you, you feel comfortable and reassured.”

“Crunch are taking accountancy back to basics. They make it accessible and allow you to take control of your finances. You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope that your accounting is in good hands.”

Expert accountancy advice as and when you need it

Clive Bonny, founder of Strategic Management Partners, loves the fact that he can get accountancy advice whenever he needs it:

“Instead of one accountant I now have access to several qualified accountants from a single source. They can all see my financial position online and give me support every day of the week if needed. It means no more reliance on unqualified assistants when the accountant goes on holiday.”

By switching his trading status on the advice of Crunch, Clive saved thousands of pounds in future taxes!

All your accounting needs taken care of in one place

Roland Harwood, founder of innovation agency 100% Open was struck by how Crunch combined online accounting software with unlimited access to a team of expert accountants:

“The fact that it combines accounting and a bookkeeping service means that it pulls together all the different business functions.”

“The online system is very easy to use and I like the idea that you’ve got someone on the phone to answer any queries. A service like Crunch should have been around years ago.”

No more baffling jargon, just plain English!

Freelance creative, Julie Binchet, particularly likes the friendly and ‘user-friendly’ service that Crunch offers:

“I had a regular accountant who wasn’t particularly approachable and didn’t explain things in a simple manner. The people at crunch are very friendly and they help you understand by using everyday language. I’m not much of a figures person, so Crunch has been a great help and it’s all very easy to use.

“The online system is very simple. It’s designed in such a way that you can’t make any mistakes. Everything is very clearly labelled for you.”

Keeping your accountancy costs low

Gas engineer, Mohammed Khanee, saved a lot of money on his accountancy fees when switching to Crunch – and he wasn’t afraid to inform his former accountant.

“I told my old accountant to look at the Crunch website to see how much they charge!”

Jays Shortt, MD of Cocoon Health, was also impressed by the pricing point:

“Being a start-up I wanted an accountancy service with low fixed costs. I’ve known people starting up their own businesses who’ve had to pay out big annual fees for their accounting, and then have the added misfortune of paying a lot in excess charges.”

“Paying month-by-month means that you can spread your costs over the year rather than have to pay out an extortionate lump sum upfront. I’ve been quoted for £1200 for a basic service with other accountancy firms, and that’s not including any extra fees. I know that Crunch has definitely saved me money”

Easy Limited Company formations

IT contractor Steve Calvert set up a limited company with Crunch in startlingly quick time: “I found the setting up process to be extremely fast and efficient – I had a half hour chat with Crunch in the morning, and the company setup confirmation came through in the afternoon!” The process took just three-and-a-half hours!

IT consultant, Nabila Kamran, also set up her limited company with Crunch:

“They helped me change over to a limited company business structure. It was important for me to do this to meet the needs of my clients – it really adds credibility to your business, and Crunch makes the whole process easy. It also means I’m now more tax-efficient.”

Crunch is the online accountancy service which is transforming the way small businesses do their accounts. If you would like to join the revolution give one of our friendly advisors a call on
0333 311 8000.