It’s very quickly approaching Christmas, and you know what that means – Christmas parties!  All over the country office workers will be arguing over whether to order the “festive” or “delux” menu from their local Beefeater, donning paper hats and posing for soon-to-be-regretted photographs.

Often, the office freelancers are omitted from these frivolities.  Not being “employees”, they are often forgotten when the corporate chequebook appears.  Well no longer!  A huge proportion of our clients are freelancers and contractors, and we want to make sure they have as merry a Christmas as possible.

We’ve partnered with Freelance Advisor and The Werks to throw a huge party, featuring live music, free food and drink, give-aways and charitable collections!  The Werks will be hosting the party at their brilliant coworking space in Brighton (map here), and Freelance Advisor and their partners will be providing all the goodies.

The party will be on Wednesday, December 15th, will start at 8pm and run until we’re finished!  So if you like food, music and alcohol, you really don’t have a good reason not to come, do you?

Numbers are limited, so if you’re planning to attend be sure to register on the events page – you can use your Twitter account to sign in.

We hope to see you there!