As we announced two weeks ago, to celebrate National Freelancers Day we waived all set-up and Limited Company formation fees for 10 days. Not only that, but we donated the fee to Children In Need! It was our own little way of giving back to all the freelancers, contractors and small businesses who have embraced the Crunch system and helped us grow into a multi-million pound business. We had a fantastic response, setting a new all-time company record.

We’ve now added up all of the new clients we gained and Limited Companies we set up during the period, and today we’re exceptionally happy to announce that our customers helped to raise a spectacular £1,535 for Children in Need!

We’re going to be sending the donation at the end of this week (once we’re settled into our equally-spectacular new offices). We’ll be sending the donation online as, like all our new customers, we simply hate paperwork! No giant novelty cheques for us!

A huge thank you to everybody who helped us raise this fantastic amount of money – we’re really pleased it will be going to help under-privileged children all around the country. We’ve had so much fun with this promotion, and it gave us all such a warm, fuzzy feeling that we’re planning another in the very near future, so if you’re in the market for a new accountant or need a Limited Company setting up – watch this space!