A little later than originally planned, owing to the lorry carrying our new furniture being stranded in the snow, we have finally moved in to our fantastic new offices!

The move happened in stages yesterday afternoon – first the development team, previously stranded in our second makeshift office, were moved into the new space (having first undergone a workshop on socialising and behavioural norms). Next, us lucky people in the marketing team made the move.

Our account managers and accountants next moved up in stages, an expertly choreographed manoeuvre to ensure no interruption in services for our customers, and lastly the sales team moved in.

We now have the difficult task of deciding on a name for our new home. So far our favourite suggestions are –

  • – Crunchingham Palace
  • – Battlestar Crunchlactica
  • – Castle Crunchenstein
  • – The Crunchservatory
  • – The Crunchnasium (because of all the mental gymnastics!)

Thanks to our pals on Twitter for the suggestions! If you have any more ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments, or ping us on Twitter. This afternoon we will be holding a straw poll to decide the winner. More information about our new place, including before and after pictures, will be coming very shortly!