According to a new report, cloud computing will benefit the UK economy to the tune of €30bn by 2015.

For those not au fait with the concept of ‘being in the cloud,’ it simply refers to documents, programmes and systems provided online which allow you to work from any computer with an internet connection anywhere in the world – as opposed to having, say, a word document only accessible via your individual computer.

More and more services are being provided in this way so that customers can access them online, quickly and easily, regardless of their location. Early adoption of cloud technology can be a key tool for economic recovery due to the user-friendly nature of such systems, helping businesses and customers save time and money.

Crunch’s online accounting software is a prime example of an accountancy service provided in the cloud. In fact, we were the first online accountancy service to provide an all-in-one solution by combining cutting edge software with unlimited access to expert accountants.

By doing your accounting in the cloud, you can access the financial health of your business from anywhere in the world. If you’re commuting on a train or bus, you can whip out your iPhone/Android/Blackberry and send an invoice with a few clicks of a button. We’ve already noticed a surprisingly high number of customers accessing their Crunch account via the iPad – it seems that they’re just as hot on technology as we are!

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