Here at Crunch we’re all about making Accountancy transparent, easy, and, if at all possible, fun! To that end we’ve teamed up with Freelance Advisor and The Werks to host the first annual Freelancers Christmas Party in sunny Brighton this Wednesday.

We have a special surprise for those attending the party, but we thought it would be unfair to penalise people who aren’t able to come due to the constraints of the physical world – we’ve had lots of interest from people north of London who are bitterly disappointed they can’t attend! To that end, we’d like to extend our Christmas present to all those lovely people who read our blog, too (i.e. you!).

We will have an announcement on Thursday with more details as to what exactly our freebie is, but to use it you’ll need an iPhone and a set of human hands.

The final version isn’t going to be released until just after the new year, but we’re allowing a limited number of people in for a developer preview, starting Thursday morning. To get access you’ll need to supply us with your iPhone’s UDID – you can do this by downloading an App called Ad Hoc Helper and emailing your details to “”.

Doors will open on Thursday, and there’s going to be a competition to go along with the preview to thank everybody for giving it a go – check back here Thursday morning for more details! And don’t worry – we won’t do anything untoward with your iPhone’s details. Your UDID number will be used to send you our present, then deleted. No marketing stuff, ever – we promise.