One of the features Crunch users love above all else is that our system saves them so much time compared to traditional bookkeeping and accounting practises. They have more time to do what matters to them – running their business. Consequently, they sometimes find themselves with an excess of leisure time too.

Today we’re announcing Crunch’s newest feature to help tackle those tricky situations where your accounting solution is so good that you end up sat twiddling your thumbs – Crunch: The Game!

Our game has been in development for iPhone for a while now, and we have been testing it internally for some time. It is now almost complete, and we are ready to let other people have a go! From today we are opening up Crunch: The Game as a closed preview to the lucky people who attended our Freelancers Christmas Party last night, and those of you who read our blog. The Game is being developed by Spilt Milk Studios, who were just listed (for the second time) on a watchlist of young developers to keep an eye on, as well as winning a BAFTA and are, naturally, avid users of Crunch.

This is not a general release, as you may have guessed by the “invitation-only” part. We already have a group of excitable testers raring to go, but there are still a few spaces left – we might just let you in if you send us a message on Twitter.

Once you have received the game, all you have to do is simply drag the file into iTunes and install it on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Bear in mind that this is still an early beta version of the game, and there will still be bugs yet to be squashed. If you discover a bug, feel free to email details to – if it’s one that we’re not aware of we’ll give you a special thank you treat!

Testing is all well and good, but a game is nothing without a bit of competition, right? Right! Our accountants will be joining in the beta (they love anything numbers-based) and will be setting some no-doubt impressive high scores. If anybody in the beta can manage to beat our accountants’ scores by the end of the year, our accountants, always gracious in defeat, will either set up a Limited Company for them, or give them a Self Assessment completely free of charge!

This is also a great opportunity to practise for the game’s full release early next year – once the game goes public we will be offering some seriously awesome, non-accountancy-related prizes!