Xchangeteam, the recruitment specialists, have earmarked Crunch online accounting as a valuable service for the freelance community. Here’s what they say about us:

“Crunch lets you take total control of your accounting – full service accountants with dead simple online accounting software, so you can manage your income and expenses with the touch of a button. You’ll also have access to your own personal account manager and they’re all available to answer any queries at any time during business hours, on any working day. Best of all you’ll get this whole service for a flat monthly fee of £59.50 + VAT – no more billing for every question you ask, no more hidden costs, no more administration charges. And if you’re questioning the monthly price of £59.50 + VAT, Crunch have so far managed to make up their fee in tax savings for each and every one of their clients.”

They detailed everything except our team of brilliant expert accountants!

Xchangeteam are recruiters who specialise in media, marketing and communication. Crunch has partnered with them for the 2011 Freelancer of the Year Awards which takes place in March next year. If you wish to nominate either yourself or a fellow freelancer, you must enter by Friday 11 February.

Find out more about the awards here.