It’s not often that customers are so impressed by an accountancy service that they ask to interview the founder for their website (in fact I’m sure it’s never occurred before!). But that’s exactly what happened when Bex White, Senior Creative at Blink Design Studios, got in touch with our MD Darren Fell.

Quite simply, she wanted to hear the story of how Crunch first came about and then went on to revolutionise the staid world of accounting. As is the case with so many of our customers, the service she’d received at Crunch had exceeded her expectations – and she was keen to pass on the message.

On the Blink Design website, she described the Crunch experience in glowing terms:

“Crunch does everything from setting up a Ltd company and registering for VAT to doing all the returns, forms and helping with the books and even helping you file your self assessment (or for a little more they do that for you as well). And they are always only a call or email away for any questions. The online system deals with invoices, expenses to be input and tells you how much to pay yourself – you just get on with your work knowing the figures are all 100% correct. Crunch works well and are really nice guys. So, basically, here at Blink we think Crunch are the best thing since sliced bread.”

It’s nice to hear the word being spread.

Crunch is primarily for freelancers, contractors and small businesses – the kinds of business set-ups formerly at the receiving end of poor customer service from old fashioned accountants.

“It was a marketplace desperate for a quality service that combined the online side with expert accountants and account managers,” said Darren Fell. “I personally had experience as a consultant of an incredibly poor service from a traditional accountant.”

“I knew we could create an amazing system that would be easy to use and I felt that building an accountancy practice from scratch would allow the quality of customer service to be outstanding by ensuring it was correctly process driven,” he continued.

To read the full interview, click on this link.

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