As we’ve mentioned before, Crunch is growing at an astronomical rate. As it turns out, we’re not the only ones! Although initially the Crunch system was designed for freelancers and contractors – essentially one- or two-person operations – we’re finding that some of our users are out-growing our system as their business expands.

Obviously we’d be sad to see people go, so we set about finding a mechanism to provide payroll functionality to those people lucky enough to need employees. After a couple of months putting things in place, that system is now in the final stages of testing and will be available in late January.

We know a lot of our users have been holding out for this functionality, and we can’t thank them enough for waiting. One of the principles we pride ourselves on at Crunch is making sure our system is rock-solid, so while integrating our chosen solution we took plenty of time to make sure everything worked as it should with our existing infrastructure.

Crunch Payroll will provide the following features –

  • – Production of monthly payslips (sent electronically)
  • – PAYE & NI contribution calculations for you to pay HMRC
  • – All related statutory matters – maternity, paternity, sick pay, student loan deductions.
  • – Year end return forms P35, P14 & P60’s

In keeping with another one of our other principles – affordability – the payroll system will be priced with your wallet in mind! For a business with one to five employees, the system will cost £29.50 + VAT on top of your basic monthly payment. For larger companies of up to 10 employees, the system will cost £34.50 + VAT.

All of this means that you can now operate a company of up to twelve people (two directors and ten employees) for only £94 + VAT per month. No hidden charges, no ticking clock, just unlimited online accountancy backed up by accredited accountants whenever you need them. Wonderful!