Here at Crunch we’ve carried out a survey of our lovely customers to discover how much money people waste on unused items. The poll involved 3,000 respondents and revealed the full cost of those broken resolutions.

We discovered that the average person splashes out £1,213 on superfluous items such as: gym memberships they never use, healthy foods that only end up in the bin and new clothes that remain in the wardrobe.

If you work it out, it means that people in Britain collectively waste £37million! That’s a lot of three-monthly memberships and lychee berries.

The idea of professionals paying for gym memberships which they never use, is a bit of a cliche, but according to our survey it’s still the case. 77 per cent admitted wasting “a lot” on gym memberships, with most spending £303 in forgotten direct debits.

Other key areas  of waste (amounted over the course of a year) include:

* Unused sports equipment – £158

* Unattended night classes – £172

* Needless gadgets – £111

* Unworn clothes – £123

* Wasted food and drink – £103

Crunch MD Darren Fell has some timely advice for those people susceptible to unnecessary purchases:

“Although officially being out of recession, things are still extremely difficult, so it’s crucial to save money by not buying things we don’t really need or want,” he says. “But many Britons admit they often get sucked into buying something they won’t really use, so it’s worth considering purchases wisely.”

So, perhaps our new year’s resolution for 2011 should have been to avoid purchasing those gym memberships!

Read more about our survey on the Daily Express website.